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Berry Islands Bahamas


Due to hurricane damage the island is temporarily closed and will be until repairs are completed.

Thank you from the Staff

Please check back often for updates to our progress. If you need to get in touch or would like more information about Chub Cay Resort please contact us and we will be happy to help you. Thank you for your patience.

Whether you arrive by boat or by plane, the approach to Chub Cay provides a remarkable view. From the sky, you can see the soon to be spectacular Chub Cay Club with restaurant, bar and 11 room hotel. The villas in tropical colors dotting the beautiful white beaches and lush green landscaping are now available for rental. The approach by sea leads to an expansive marina surrounded by turquoise waters and watched over by the breathtaking 18-ft. tall leaping marlin statue "Chub Cay Blue". Although only a small portion of the 1000 acres of land on Chub Cay will be developed and renovated, the improvements to this private island paradise are already astounding.

private island

And Natural Preserve

This thousand-acre island retreat in the Berry Islands of The Bahamas is private and retains all of the natural qualities that have made Chub Cay special: world-class fishing, spectacular diving, over 600 acres of nature reserve, and miles of beaches. The Chub Cay airport (with 5000' paved runway) and state-of-the-art marina are Bahamas Ports of Entry with on-site Customs and Immigration. Just 45 minutes from South Florida by plane, Chub Cay can be your gateway to the islands or a destination in itself.


a sense of history

The history of Chub Cay is without equal in the island paradise of The Bahamas. Legendary throughout the world for sport fishing and diving, Chub Cay also has miles of sandy beaches and a protected harbor. As a private island, Chub Cay has been the exclusive retreat for a very select membership. Building on this unique heritage, Chub Cay treasures and protects this legacy of natural beauty, tradition, and world-class recreation. Founded more than 40 years ago, Chub Cay Club has been the retreat of those that embrace gracious living. Heir to a legacy of privilege and privacy, Chub Cay has attracted legendary sport fisherman and yachtsman alike from around the world in search of spectacular offshore fishing. Building on a four-decade heritage, this world-class resort is poised to raise the bar once more. Chub Cay Club is extending a warm welcome to a new generation of families that love the sea and a chance to indulge in, and preserve a way, of tropical seaside living.