Both have very high fixed costs and experience a great deal of seasonality.

Forecasting our guest census is critical to our success. Without accurate forecasting, we find ourselves throwing out more food than serving or running out of diet coke.

With even one guest on the island, we have to have many systems up and running.

Airlines have a very similar business challenge. If the plane flies with just one passenger, the fuel needed is almost identical if 150 had traveled.
Airlines sell some discounted tickets well before the departure date. They do this to get enough revenue to cover the fixed costs. Once those fixed costs are covered, the discounts will shrink. Anyone who has purchased a ticket on the date of departure knows the price can double and triple from a quote just a few days earlier.

Travel destinations are more expensive during peak season than offseason. There are even cheaper days of the week to fly because the demand is less on those days.

For the Cay to succeed, we have adopted many of the same pricing concepts that the airlines use.

If you are looking for the best possible pricing, we suggest you do the following:

  1. Book well in advance. It helps us get a better forecast and generate some initial revenue.
  2. Chose to travel mid-week. Hint: Tuesday is the slowest day.
  3. Always book online. Many booking opportunities are only available online.
A quote is not a reservation. The rates are not locked in until you make your reservation.

Many times people call and get a quote. They then call the day before or just show up wondering why the rate has changed, sometimes dramatically.

If you call or are online, we recommend booking if the price is reasonable. Most rate plans have refundable options, so if your plans change, you can cancel without penalty.

For us to continue to succeed, we need a blend of all three customers.

a) The bargain hunters
b) The planners
c) The last minute traveler

We recognize that if a price changes, it can be frustrating. Of course, we never got a complaint about the price going down!

We can't stress this one simple point: To avoid any surprises, please book as soon as possible.

Chub Cay looks forward to seeing you soon.
We understand that life happens, and sometimes vacations need to be postponed. Please review all rate plans carefully before booking your reservation.
If a major hurricane is destined to hit the Bahamas or your hometown during the dates of your stay, you can change your reservation.

- Reservation must be re-booked within 90 days of intended check-in.
- Reservation must be completed within one year of original stay dates.
- Changed dates to peak season/holidays are subject to surchages.
- Changes/Cancellations must be made in writing to info@chubcay.com within 48 hours of intended arrival.
Hurricane Notice