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Just Right Pricing

We want you to get hooked on Chub Cay. Check our site and social media often for promotions and deals. If there is anything that we can do to assist in the booking process or make your stay even more memorable, please call or email us.

Dynamic Model

Dynamic pricing has been the norm for most of human history, especially in relation the tourism and travel industry.During special event periods or peak seasonal dates in which demand is higher, prices are higher. For Chub Cay, this typically means the week of New Year’s, February – May (billfishing prime season) and the week of July 4th.  In the off-season or lower demand periods, prices are lower. We almost always offer discounts or booking incentives during the months of August – December!

Time-Based Model 

As the arrival date gets closer, and even down to the hours leading up to check-in, the rates will fluctuate. This is similar to how most major airline companies run their ticket pricing.

Rate Plans

We offer several different rate plans based on your risk tolerance.


The most flexible rate is the Easy Cancellation Rate - (Risk Averse). Reservations are cancellable if sent in writing at least 24 hours of check-in date and time (3 p.m.) for a full refund of the deposit. We take all the risk in being able to resell the resort accommodation or slip, so the rate is a little higher.


Our most popular rate is the Best Available Rate - (Balanced Risk). This rate provides some savings, however, you must cancel at least 72 hours in advance of check-in date and time (3 p.m.) to get a full refund of the deposit. We share the risk, as reflected in the discounted rate.


Finally, there is a Non-Refundable Rate - (Risk Tolerant). This will be the lowest rate option, however, there are no cancellations under any circumstances (unless the island is closed, borders are closed, or there is a catastrophic event). 100% of the reservation will be kept. You accept the risk and therefore get the lowest rate.

Time Sensitive Booking

The Non-Refundable Rate is only available when booking 120 hours in advance of check-in date.

The Best Available Rate is only available when booking 72 in advance of check-in date.

The Easy Cancellation Rate is always available to book.


Getting the Best Price... 

Book early! Since you can easily cancel within 48 hours of arrival on the best available rate plan, you should book as soon as possible.


Always book online. Often times, we have web-only deals. The front desk does not have access to these rates, even if you are in person. If you arrive, without a reservation, you will be quoted different rates than available online.


Flexible dates: If you visit during the week, you will often get a better price than the weekends as they tend to be busier. You can save 60% or more if you book in the slower months (August – December).


The Bottom Line 

If you see a deal or a price that works for you, book it. The ONLY way to guarantee your rate is to fully complete your reservation either online or over the phone prior to arrival. Being a small out-island, our resources are limited. The more notice we have of your stay, the better of service we are able to provide you. We appreciate your understanding of this. As always, reach out with any questions. We can’t wait to have you on-island, and get you hooked on Chub Cay.

For detailed info on cancellation policies, please read below.


We understand that life happens, and sometimes vacations need to be postponed. Please review all rate plans carefully before booking your reservation. 

Fully Flexible Rate

30% of your stay will be collected at the time of booking. This amount becomes your booking deposit. Your accommodations are not considered guaranteed until this is collected. The balance, 70%, will be collected 7 days prior to your arrival or at time of booking if booked less than 7 days.
- Full refund if cancellation is more than 48 hours in advance.
- For cancellations please email 
- 50% refund if cancellation is less than 48 hours in advance.

Non Refundable - Best Deal!

This room rate requires full payment at the time of booking, inclusive of applicable taxes. Bookings cannot be cancelled free of charge. In case of cancellation or no show the reservation will be subject to full charge.

- Under extreme circumstances, we will allow up to 1 change of dates for a change fee. Guest is responsible to make up any difference in rate costs for new stay dates.

Hurricane Policy

If a major hurricane is destined to hit the Bahamas or your hometown during the dates of your stay, you can change your reservation.

- Reservation must be re-booked within 90 days of intended check-in.

- Reservation must be completed within one year of original stay dates.

- Changed dates to peak season/holidays are subject to surchages.

- Changes/Cancellations must be made in writing to within 48 hours of intended arrival.


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