Investing in a Brighter Tomorrow

Ecotourism at Chub Cay

Did you know that tourism accounts for an estimated 8% of the world's carbon emissions*? At Chub Cay, we pride ourselves in sourcing groundbreaking technology to do our part in creating a cleaner and greener travel environment. Join us on your next ecotourism vacation and see how we are taking the next step!

Phase 1 - Solar

The Bahamas have approximately 340 days** of sunshine annually, making the sun one of our most lucrative assets! Our award-winning, 8-acre solar field harnesses these plentiful rays to generate enough electricity to power the entire island. By making the switch to solar, we've almost eliminated the need for diesel run generators and in turn lowered our carbon footprint drastically.

Phase 2 - Water

The energy harvested from our solar field plays a large role in our water making systems. Through the process of triple reverse-osmosis, we are able to convert saltwater into fresh water. Not only is this water used as our source of clean drinking and utility water throughout the island, it also serves to keep our garden properly irrigated!

Phase 3 - Farm to Table

Tucked behind our warehouses and the Nauti Rooster hides Chub Farms, our luscious nursery and garden. The seedlings planted throughout Chub Farms are locally sourced from a small business on our neighboring island Andros and change seasonally. Once harvested, the bountiful fruits, vegetables and herbs are incorporated into the Clubhouse Restaurant menus, for sale at the Marlin Market and used to feed our staff. By growing our own produce, we also greatly reduce the need to rely on freight ships to transport groceries to the island - another win in the battle against air pollutants!

Learn more about our eco initiatives by requesting a complimentary facility and island tour during your next visit!