Hook a bonefish by your third day on the water or get your third night of accommodation on us.


That's how confident we are in our flats, and you.

The flats of Chub Cay are home to schools of Bonefish as big as 12 lbs. The summer months feature higher numbers of smaller fish, while the winter months boast the big boys.

Whether you are an experienced fly fisherman, or looking to tackle a new species such as the elusive Bonefish, take on the challenge in the shallow waters surrounding Chub Cay. Quietly glide around the Berry Islands while waiting for those silver tails to poke out of the water and get ready for a perfect cast.

Our local guides Razor, David, and Joe have over 30 years of experience and know all of the best spots to get you hooked. Head over to our instagram and check out our #FlatsFridays posts to see what all the hype is about.

Ready to hook the catch of a lifetime?


Nickwildrick, Aug 2021 The fishing and snorkling is excellent. If your into bonefishing this is the place.