Island Idols Membership FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Island Idols are exclusive membership passes for the Chub Cay Resort & Marina located in Berry Island, Bahamas. The Idols grant access to club amenities, discounts on bookings + utilities, and special offerings.
Each Idol is a 1-of-1 hand drawn character, rooted in the natural creatures that reside in the Bahamas. They are extremely limited with no more than 1,000 total to be released. Island enthusiasts now have an opportunity to become a member at the prestigious Chub Cay.
No. Anyone can visit Chub Cay without renting or purchasing an Idol. However, those guests will not have access to the resort amenities such as the Clubhouse Restaurant and Bar, Pool Deck, Spa, Tiki Bar, surrounding areas, and will miss out on major discounts. The discounts, in most cases, cover the costs of the membership rental. Without an Idol you can ONLY access the Nauti Rooster, Fuel Dock, Posh Peacock/ Marlin Market, Marina Wash house, and Fish Cleaning House.
The name Island Idols summarizes the membership collection. Chub Cay is an island and the collection consists of the spectacular creatures that reside in the Bahamas. It’s a fun alliteration and has absolutely 0 religious connotation.
Every single membership is inscribed then stored as an Ordinal (similar to an NFT), on the world’s most decentralized blockchain, Bitcoin. This inscription method provides the utmost security and privacy to our members.
We developed the Chub Cay mobile app in order to reward our members & provide a stellar experience for our visitors. Users can browse the open marketplace for live offerings. Those who build an account balance through rentals & sales have the options to either— apply the credit to on-island purchases, withdraw as cash*, or withdraw over wire transfer.
Each Idol covers the owner/renter +1 guest and all children under 18 years old. For example— if your party consists of two boats with 4 couples and 5 kids under the age of 18, then your group would need to hold 4 Idols to experience the member benefits.
The best place for all things Idols is the Chub Cay mobile app. There you can use either credit card, bitcoin, or an account balance for payment. Additionally you may browse the collection on the bitcoin-payment only trading platform Magic Eden.
Idols grant holders 20-50% discounts on reservations for dock slips and land accommodations. The exact discount varies depending on the season. Hurricane months discounts are closer to 50%, while springtime discounts are around 20% off. Utility discounts are related to the element of the Idol. The Element can be found in the top right corner. Each utility discount is for 25%. For example— the Water Element gets 25% off of water bills, while the Fire Element gets 25% off electricity bills. If you’d like to preview the rates that members receive, use promo code “IDOL” on your reservation page.